Well, ever since we started coming here they have given us such great service.  I am beyond happy with all of the work that has been done to me, I loved it. That is something the other dentists were never able to do for me. Thank you so much!

Maria Romero

My experience with California Dental Care has been awesomw from start to finish. Dr Karir removed several teeth including wisdom teeth with no pain during or after surgery. Excellent work! Thank you, Dr Karir!
Patrick M Jones

California Dental Care provided excellent customer service and the doctor was extremely gentle. They worked with my insurance company and I only had to disburse my co-pay - this included free whitening. I am very pleased with the products and services they offer. Thank you. I am loving my smile!  
Janelle Kirk

I normally dread going to the dentist, but here I have never had a bad experience. The staff is great and very caring. The doctor is really gentle and completed all my work with no problems. I have no problem coming back for all future work and will definitely recommend to all my friends and family. 
Katrina Bryant

Toothache? Who likes them?
I had been suffering with pain and sensitivity from a crown for a year and my previous dentist told me that I would have to live with it. Not True -- I met Dr Lata Karir DDS @ California Dental Care. She was able to do a root canal by not removing the crown and skilfully drilling through the crown. RESULTS - no more pain. Thank you!
Tootache? Who do I call? Dr Lata @ California Dental Care.
Sudden sharp shooting pain that brought tears to my eyes. Called on a Friday and guess what, the office was closed, but I did speak with the office manager who stated that I would be seen by the dentist on Saturday. I called Sat AM to find a time for an appointment, and the office receptionist heard the pain in my tears. They compassionately scheduled me for after all other patients left. That way I did not need to sit and painfully cry in the waiting room, but was taken directly to see the dentist. This was a puzzle for me - is the pain coming from the top and radiating to the lower jaw, or vice versa. No problem for Dr Karir. She found the source and relieved the pain. Thank You!
I cannot express my gratitude to the whole office for the compassionate, caring and pain-relieving care that was provided to me.
You all are the best!
Patricia Gild

My daughter felt very good with the services provided by California Dental Care. She had bad experience in the past and was always frightened to see a dentist. She feels very comfortable here and looks forward to her next appointment. 
Jaynabelle Faatanalofa

Good services provided in a friendly atmosphere. Most part I'm comfortable.  No pain during numbing and the process is well explained, with each procedure and what is needed to be done. 
Fati Faatanalofa

Our family member who struggles with CHF and Diabetes, had severe tooth infections requiring extensive treatment. Due to our extenuating circumstances and even though we have insurance, we couldn't afford to pay the total bill. A payment plan was provided to us, otherwise we would've never been able to afford to have the work performed. If not for the generosity and compassion of Dr Lata & her staff, I fear and I know what my mother's outcome would've been. It was their selflessness that restored her health. My family wish to express our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to Dr Lata and her staff at California Dental Care. 
Debra Munoz

I am very happy with the treatment they did on me. It was fast and not painful at all. The whole staff was very nice and helpful. I would recommend them and come back for any other treatment. 
Nayeli Pina

Dr Karir and her staff are wonderful! I appreciate the fact that she is able to do all the procedures I needed, including root canal, in her office without sending me to another dentist. I am so thankful to Dr Karir and her staff. 
Elizabeth Martinez

I had not been to a dentist since 1999. I checked out two or three dentists in Tracy. I liked Dr Lata Karir DDS and her her staff a lot! Dr Karir and her staff are very kind and caring! You cannot find a better dentist. 
Calvin D Grave

My experience at California Dental Care was the BEST DENTAL EXPERIENCE I've ever had. The staff was excellent and Dr Karir was so nice. I've always been afraid of the dentist because of past dental work. But a friend of my husband referred us to California Dental Care and it changed my life. I wouldn't smile before. Now you cant get me to stop smiling. The work was painless, I didn't feel a thing. I had some root canals done and some crowns. I am still in the process of getting some more work done. I will tell everyone about Dr Karir. Where have you been all my life (lol).
Edna Gardner

I had two teeth extracted and the roots of a third tooth extracted by Lata Karir, DDS on April 26, 2010. Dr Lata did an excellent job on extracting all the teeth and removing the roots of the third tooth. Dr Lata was the best dentist I ever had in my life in extracting the teeth. She is an excellent dentist and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to see an outstanding dentist.
Frank S DiMenco
I was very happy & pleased with my appointment with Dr Karir. She did an outstanding job pulling my tooth. By taking an antibiotic and Motrin, I was not in any pain. It is so great having my ugly tooth taken out by Dr Karir that no other dentist would do.
Sonja Nelson

For someone such as myself who has not been to the dentist in about 10 years, I think I have found an office that I actually like going to. The people there are great, very nice. Daniella, the office manager, made me feel welcome the moment I walked into the office. She is very personable. Dr Lata and her assistants are all very good. I love their professionalism. The recently worked on me. They did a full mouth deep cleaning, some fillings, and a new bridge. After all that work I never once felt any pain. So overall it was a great experience at California Dental Care. 
Soeun San

Me senti muy bien y me hicieron muy bien trabajo. Y me siento muy bien. Muchos gracias! 
Enedino Garcia

Dr Lata is a really good doctor. She treated me in a very friendly and gentle manner. I am very satisfied with her services. Not only Dr Lata but also her staff was very nice and professional. I have talked to friends about Dr Lata and recommended them to come here. 
Clara A Corsaro

My experience here at California Dental was wonderful. The ladies who work here are very nice and quick at getting things done. I am very happy every time I leave here. They take their time, and are all about patients. Definitely will be coming back!!!
Tiffany Bagley

I like the way Doctor and her team treat me. They do an excellent job.
Alicia L Buenrostro

I am very happy with the service at my dental care office. They make me think I am at home with them.
Eric Foster Jr

I received excellent care and treatment from Dr Lata and her staff. I was highly recommended to come to her office, and I am so glad I came. I highly recommend and commend her, and her staff.
J Abram

I had a great time! The dentist was very nice. She did a great job. I'm having my family come here too. 
Russell Hobson

I would like to recommend Dr Lata Karir to anyone who needs dental service. She was professional, gentle and very caring.
Mary Silva