Our dentist, Dr Lata Karir, is all about passion and compassion! Passion for dentistry and compassion for the patients is what you will experience when you visit the office. She likes to provide the best care to her patients, and will go the extra mile to ensure that. 

Dr Lata loved science since she was a child, and was very interested in healthcare. She graduated as a dentist in India, and practiced there for several years. After moving to California, she continued her dental training , passed the california dental board exams, and went on to acquire a license to practice dentistry in California. She continues to keep herself updated through continuing education courses she attends regularly. She is also a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and San Joaquin Dental Society.

Dr Lata feels strongly for apprehensive patients, and tries to help them by treating them as gently as she can. She also uses the latest technology to make dental treatment as painless as possible. One day, she hopes to see all her patients - especially the children - be fearless about visiting the dentist. 

Outside of dentistry, she has a passion for music (especially Indian Classical) and dance. She has been a student of music for several years, and dedicates her free time learning and listening to music, and attending dance classes. 

She is a dedicated mother of two, and loves to spend quality time with her children. You will often find her volunteering at her son's school. 

She is dedicated to girls' education, and has provided financial support to several girls so they can complete their education.